Website Design – A Flexible Option

Website Design by Buro

A fresh new approach to web design, – giving you as little or as much control and ownership of your site as you wish.

Using modern freely available technology effectively, we can ensure that you will have a modern website, that can integrate with social media and a web design that will have the flexibility to grow along side your business and keep up to date with technical developments

Website Design – Buro designs websites  using WordPress.
Hosting – we can host the website for you, or refer you to a hosting provider.
Search Engine Optimisation –  ensure your website can always be found.
Content – You can either supply the content or we can do that for you
Google Analytics – Make sure you know how effectively your website is performing.


Our Approach

Each client is individual, some people enjoy looking after their websites, others don’t. We will work alongside you giving you as much or as little support as you need.  Our experience from within the holiday letting market can greatly benefit our clients.  With a strong background in marketing and sales, we can design a website that starts delivering results from the start.

Our History

When setting up our self catering business, we explored the different options available for web design. We were at the start of an expensive refurbishment project, but recognised the importance of the website. It is in fact pivotal to the rental success.

There seemed to be very few options available – either an inflexible template based web service, or paying a high upfront price for a web-designer.

We originally opted for the template based service – no up front cost, and quick to set up. As the business developed we soon discovered limitations with the system. We wanted to incorporate a blog into the website – this wasn’t an option available at that time. We were beholden to the providers for making this technology available.

At Buro, we firmly believe that technology should work for you, and you should have the freedom to use it how and when it suits your business.

We now use WordPress to create our websites, and are really pleased with the flexibility available to us. We can now update the blog, Facebook and Twitter simultaneously – saving us time and money!